Malika Maria at wOrk

A creative from a young age, Malika has spent her life producing and fabricating artwork that has always stuck true to herself and her vision.

Graduating from Brussels with a bachelor's in fine art and digital video production, Malika experimented with various mediums before setting her heart on experimental live performance art and live visual mixing. Inspired by darkened emotions and the true urges of human beings, Malika’s vision has graced sell-out DJ sets from global DJ’s such as Charlotte De Witte, conveying her venomous flavor and perspective and catapulting live shows to a new level.

In this masterclass, Malika will introduce us to visual software programs including DaVinci Resolve and Modul8.

We will be given a breakdown for each as well as a healthy supply of various tips and tricks that Malika has picked up over the years that will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to start producing and mixing live visuals for yourself.


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