What our students say  

Definitely useful for any level! The team is highly professional and at the same time nicely down to earth. All the guests on their masterclasses are big names in the industry and their tuition method is revolutionary. 5 stars! - Olmo 

One of the best platform to learn, educate and improve personal and communal skills - Emanuele 

The place to get insights from the industry's finest - Bahador 

Joseph, Flamina, VSK, Lag, Rick and Allesandro were the perfect hosts and tutors, presenting detailed and complex production ideas in a clear and effective way. Their feedback circle was constructive and honest, and their insights into the music business, distribution and promotional aspects were also invaluable. We're going to stay in touch and continue this relationship. Thank you so much guys. - Xav

Thank you very much for all the time and organisation. What all of you do gives very much back to the music industry!! I will join the next intensive music production weekend for sure. Have a good time and see you soon!! -Timo

Just a thank you for putting all this together, hope to see more exciting stuff from Home Of Sound in the future - Michael

Homely Team. Top Educators. Straight to the point. - Sam

Excellent work!!! Strongly recommended!!! - Alessio

Amazings masterclass! Keep it up! - Alan

What our guests say

Professionally run by a genuinely friendly team of expert music devotees. I can see Home of Sound growing very quickly! - Inland

Incredible platform for electronic music content. I had a great time doing the interview and also with the whole crew. Hope to collaborate in future projects with you guys. - Projekt Gestalten

Possibly the best online masterclass I've ever done :) - Arjun Vagale

Love love love - Julia Govor

Was great to hear and reply to some insightful questions and actually made me think about my own practise in ways I haven't before! - Anonymous