Silent Servant

At Home of Sound, we want to support you and help you grow as an artist. This is why we would love to introduce you to a new series of masterclasses that will help you not only cover music production but shape your artistic identity at 360°.

To launch this exciting new series we are beginning with the incredible talent, Silent Servant. His brutally honest and resolute productions have given him a platform of respect within the electronic music scene that will continue for years to come, with waves of his brilliance echoing in releases across multiple genres. 

Co-founding the label Jealous God along with Regis and James Ruskin which has reinterpreted many of the conventions of the techno world, forging a unique identity in the process, Juan has furthered his visionary output into the art scene, developing creatives for the likes of Sandwell District, Blueprint and 47 to name a few. 

In this masterclass, Juan discusses Visual aesthetics and the various techniques he undertakes for developing and producing his artwork. Juan also details the key ingredients for shaping label identity and how you as an artist can unlock the potential for true and organic development. 


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