Temudo's Music Production Course

We couldn’t be happier to have Temudo back at Home of Sound. With this comprehensive and highly personal course, you will dig deeper into João’s own approach to making music. The course is divided into three modules:

01 - Building the right elements in a track

02 - Creating depth and ambience in the mix

03 - Creating a dynamic arrangement

This masterclass is meant to both illustrate principles and provide a concrete demonstration with Temudo’s music. The flow follows the real process that
João himself applies in making music, including a long uncut video showing you mistakes and adjustments in finding the right sounds.

Throughout the course the artist uses mostly Ableton and built in instruments and effects, and some external VSTs. The explanations are structured in a way that principles are usable by any producers even by those who don’t possess the same VSTs. Furthermore concepts and principles are concretely demonstrated with real tracks.


All the modules cater to intermediate and to professional producers, but should be structured enough to be followed by beginners too.

  1. Building the right elements in a track
  2. PT1 - Deep insights and techniques of sound processing, sound design and mixing, demonstrated with a track Temudo did specifically for this project
  3. PT 2 - Midi Sequencing Technique and more insights, demonstrated with the track BLTZR
  4. [extra content] Production workflow. The real (almost) uncut process that goes in producing the synth from Module 1, PT1. This is meant for interested producers to deeply understand Temudo intentions, thinking and testing process, including how he failed and just ultimately succeeded in the pursuit of the right sequence and sound
  5. Creating depth and ambience in the mix
  6. PT 1 - Creation of synths with Ableton Operator, fine tuning with Frequency Shifter and Grain Delay, sound processing and arrangement, demonstrated with the track Leve
  7. PT 2 - Resampling Techniques and pitch and frequency shifting. Demonstrated with the track Tsigalko
  8. Creating a dynamic arrangement
  9. PT 1 - Building elements that reply to each other, creating different moments, while keeping the flow and building tension. Demonstrated with the track Always Does Until It Doesn't 

For those interested Temudo’s first masterclass with Home of Sound, covers the artist’s own approach to Midi and Audio Processing. Highly recommended by 100+ other producers!