Andrea Greco, artist name Burden, is an Italian born, London based DJ, producer and sound engineer.

In the studio, Andrea is a relentless seeker of sound perfection; his music can be described as a dynamic mix of groove and tension, energised with driving basslines, shadowy atmospheres and hypnotic leads.

In 2020 Andrea immersed himself into production, as can be heard with his latest remix of Truncate on the Homonymous label, and released on a VA compiled by the French label Blocaus featuring alongside artists such as Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Peter Van Hoesen, Function and many others.

Learn from Burden:

  • sound design
  • music production
  • mixing
  • mastering

Credits - Mixing and Mastering

  • Stanislav Tolkachev
  • Ness
  • Uun
  • Arnaud Le Texier
  • Unhuman
  • Rommek
  • Samot
  • Restive Plaggona
  • Christina Sealey
  • Tapefeed
  • Flaminia
  • End Train
  • Mord
  • Blocaus
  • Arch
  • Inveterate
  • Metempsychosis 
  • House of Reptiles
  • Aurea Records
  • Riot Recordings


(the session time is flexible and can be arranged directly with the tutor at a time that works for you) 

Listen to Burden's music

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