Rhythm Masterclass

Lag is a respected producer who has released a string of unique music on MORD and other labels such as Rekids. In this Rhythm masterclass, Lag consolidates and presents to you his knowledge from over a decade of producing, playing and listening to music. The material includes an introduction about how our brains perceive music and three entire chapters dedicated to understanding, using and applying components of groove. 

  1. The human brain and music
  2. Rhythm property 1: Drive
  3. Rhythm property 2: Complexity
  4. Rhythm property 3: Groove

This masterclass is intended to explain the theory, the principles and give practical tools for music producers at any level, to intentionally create groovy tracks that can move the listener and keep their attention. The structure in chapters allow you to understand different components and possibly shape your mental framework to apply to your own music.

Throughout the course the artist uses mostly Reason with built in instruments and effects. However the explanations are structured in a way that principles and everything shown are usable by any producers on any DAW.