DJ Course

Rene Wise is an esteemed figure in the music community, known for his hypnotic grooves and impeccable sense of rhythm.

This DJ course is designed for beginners to intermediate and advanced DJs through foundational skills, advanced techniques and tools to develop your creative way of playing with up to 4 decks. Whether you're refining your basics or aiming to elevate your performances, this course is structured to enhance your abilities and understanding of DJing as an art form (if you are an intermediate to advanced DJ, you may wish to skip the first few chapters that were recorded to support beginners in their journey).

More than just technical demonstrations; this masterclass is an opportunity to learn from a master of the craft, sharing personal experiences, professional techniques, and insights that can transform the way you perform and produce music.

The content and principles apply to any mixer and CDJs.

Part 1 - The Art of DJing and Techniques

  • Intro
  • What is DJing for me
  • Beatmatching
  • Mixing techniques
  • EQ
  • Tracks selection and organisation
  • Layering

Part 2 - Advanced Techniques

  • Advanced layering
  • Structuring the set and advanced techniques (incl. transitions, hot cues, fx, other)
  • Playing with 4 decks
  • Getting in the flow and interacting with the audience 
  • How to build your confidence to adapt to different situations  
  • Travelling and health


  • Rene answers selected questions from his and Home of Sound’s community that we didn’t already cover in the masterclass