Music Production Masterclass

In this masterclass, techno producer UVB takes viewers deep into his creative process, showcasing the intricacies of his production techniques from initial sampling to final mixdown. UVB reveals how he draws inspiration from a wide array of sounds, transforming them through advanced synthesis and sampling strategies to craft his unique sonic identity. Throughout the course, he emphasizes the importance of a personalized sample library and efficient workflow, providing invaluable insights for aspiring producers looking to refine their craft and innovate within the realm of electronic music.

Sample and groove track construction:

  1. Introduction, Philosophy, and Demo Track Listening
  2. Kick and Sub Bass Design
  3. Building a Personal Library of Sound Designed Elements
  4. Track Build Up and Extra Rhythmic Elements
  5. Workflow Efficiency and Creative Principle
  6. Extra Elements, Creative Sampling
  7. Mixing and Layering Techniques
  8. Advanced Warping and Spectral Tools
  9. Conclusion

Bonus - Track breakdown

In the course, the artist employs Ableton Live alongside built-in instruments, effects, and a few external VSTs. The explanations are organized to make the principles applicable to all producers, including those who may not have the same VSTs. Geared towards beginners and intermediate producers, the masterclass also offers insights beneficial for professionals.