If you are interested in going from writing a track to releasing and having a release plan, we are selecting producers for the "Accelerator Program" which covers both production and release support. This is a limited capacity course, we will only accept a limited number of students.

What you will get

  • 6 weeks, 2h of 1:1 tutoring per week with VSK, Lag, Flaminia (Metempsychosis), Ricky (Tapefeed) Joseph (End Train, Metempsycosis, Ways To Die Records) and Alessandro (Tapefeed and Superstition)
  • tailored strategy to your artist development


We ask the student to commit to 2 hours of live 1:1s per week + at least 2hours per week for assignments.


£630.00* which includes 12 hours of 1:1 tutoring + free access to 3 live HoS masterclasses (market value £60-£80) *(possibility to pay in 2 instalments of £315)

I am interested!

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